Dr Andrew Freeman-May

Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Emergency Care

I worked as a paramedic in Oxford for 13 years and moved to full time education 14 years ago. I have worked closely with many UK universities in the development of paramedic programmes of study in Higher Education.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Registered Paramedic (HCPC)


My teaching focus is in practice education and I am the placement lead for the paramedic programme.

  • Undergraduate – I teach on the paramedic programme at Oxford Brookes and supervise BSc dissertation students on the Hong Kong programme
  • Postgraduate – I teach on the facilitating workplace learning (mentorship) programme
  • Research students – I supervise MSc dissertation students from the Hong Kong programme

Selected Publications

  • Freeman-May, A. (2012) The nature and development of paramedic expertise. Oxford: DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford

Chapters in Books

  • Freeman-May, A. (2008) Allergic Reactions. In Caroline, N. Emergency care in the streets (6th Ed). Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett

Other Papers

  • Freeman-May, A. (2014) Fundamentals of Paramedic Practice (bibliographical assistant). Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014.
  • Freeman-May, A. (2005) Developments in Paramedic Education. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Conference. Glamorgan: University of Glamorgan
  • Freeman-May, A. (2004) Is there a role for higher education in the training and education of paramedics working in the pre hospital environment? Paper presented at The Medical Education Centre Northern General Hospital Sheffield. Sheffield: Northern General Hospital
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  • Freeman-May, A. (2002) Higher Education Programmes in Pre-hospital Emergency Care for Ambulance Service Paramedics. Paper presented to Department of Health Changing Workforce Programme - Challenges and Opportunities for the Pre-hospital Workforce Development. Coventry: Coventry University.
  • Ray, S and Freeman-May, A. (2001) Higher Education Programmes in Pre-hospital Care for Ambulance Service Paramedics: A feasibility Study. Liverpool: Ambulance Today-vol 1, issue 2.
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Andrew Freeman-May


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