Bridget Taylor

Senior lecturer

Bridget has a well-established teaching career. She worked as a Community HIV Trainer in Oxfordshire for 6 years and joined Oxford Brookes University as a Senior Lecturer in sexual health in 1996. Bridget has over 30 years of nursing experience in palliative care in both community and hospice settings. In addition to her teaching role, she is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in community palliative care in Oxfordshire.

Teaching and Research Interests

Bridget completed her PhD, 'Couples living in twilight: a Heideggerian hermeneutic study of sexuality and intimacy in life-limiting illness' at Oxford Brookes University in 2012. Her research interests are patient experience and meaning-making. Bridget currently delivers modules in sexuality and also end of life care.



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Book Chapters

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Other Publications

  • Marsden R, Taylor B (2016) Leaflet 13A: Sex and Relationships for People Living with MND. Northampton: Motor Neurone Disease Association.
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Conference presentations

2012 "I don't want last time to be the last time". The meaning of sex in life-limiting illness. Poster at European Association of Palliative Care Conference, Trondheim.

2012 Sexuality at end of life: the silent bedfellow. Oral presentation at International Palliative Care Research Society Congress, Newcastle.

2011 Addressing issues of sexuality in terminal disease. Keynote presentation at International MND symposium, Sydney.

2010 “The doctor said MND wouldn’t affect my sexuality” … but it has. Oral presentation at International MND symposium, Florida.

2010 The impact of equipment on relationships ~ lessons for practice.Oral presentation at MND Allied Professionals Forum, Florida.

2010 Unstructured or semi-structured interviews in phenomenological research: does it really matter? Oral presentation at Qualitative Research Methods conference, Bournemouth.

2010 The merits of interviewing couples separately in a Heideggerian hermeneutic study on sexuality and intimacy. Oral presentation at RCN International Research Conference. Newcastle.

2009 The challenges of discussing sexuality in phenomenological research interviews.Oral presentation at European Doctoral Conference in Nursing Science, Graz, Austria.

2005 Multiple Selves: Multiple Dilemmas.Oral presentation at Advances in Qualitative Methods 6th International Conference, Edmonton, Canada.

2005 Giving Children and Parents a Voice: The Personal Experiences of one Family.Keynote address at International RCN paediatric conference: Meeting the Challenges to Providing Quality Care, Belfast.

2004 New Reproductive Technologies and the Reconstruction of Parenthood and Kin Relations. Oral presentation at The 5th Annual Human Reproductive Study Group. University College Northampton.

2004 Wading Through Treacle. Keynote address presenting the parent’s perspective on decision-making and care. RCN Paediatric Oncology Nurses Conference, Nottingham.

Conference Workshops

2014 Supporting sexual intimacy in palliative care. Masterclass at Palliative Care Congress, Harrogate.

2013 Talking about sexuality and intimacy with people approaching end of life. Workshop at Palliative Care: Big Issues Conference. Dundee.

2011 Talking about sexuality and intimacy: overcoming the barriers. Workshop at International MND symposium, Sydney.

2006 How to Incorporate sexuality and sexual health into teaching. Workshop at RCN Sexual Health Forum Conference. Putting Sexual Health into Practice: Moving Forward, London.

2000 Sexuality Masterclass. MS Trust Conference, Loughborough.


2010 Margaret Idour Scholarship

2008 Royal College of Nursing Marjorie Simpson New Researchers' Award

1997 Price for Excellence, Oxford Brookes University, School of Health Care

Publications from RADAR

  • Taylor, B (2012) Couples living in twilight: A Heideggerian hermeneutic study of sexuality and intimacy in lifelimiting illness. [summary page]


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