Carol Forde-Johnston

Lecturer Practitioner in Neurosciences

Since qualifying as a R.G.N. in 1988, I have always worked within the field of Neurosciences. I have worked as a Lecturer Practitioner since 1998 in a regional Neuroscience unit in Oxford. Prior to this, I worked as a nursing Sister and Clinical Development Nurse on a neurosurgery ward in Oxford. An active part of my current role is the teaching and support of undergraduate student nurses and post qualifying neuroscience education students who are mainly trained nurses. I also work for Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust supporting and educating a range of qualified nurses. 

Membership of Professional Bodies

  1. Professional Practice- Appointed as a committee board member for the British Association of Neuroscience Nurses (BANN) in October 2003. Also appointed European Representative for the BANN in October 2003. As part of this role I have been working with the National Action-On-Neurology group on a consultancy basis.
  2. As part of a European research project ‘neuroblend’ I have been used continuously for English interpretation and in relation to nursing care issues especially for countries that have limited education resources for their neuroscience trained nurses.
  3. Appointed as a peer reviewer on the editorial board for the British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing since 2005.



I have been a module leader of undergraduate modules in the SHSC. I am currently on the module teams for 4 undergraduate modules.


I currently run a short neuroscience course within the critical and specialist care field and I am module leader for a new long term condition module within this field.

Research students

I am a dissertation supervisor to both undergraduate and Master’s level students within the SHSC.

Teaching/Research interests

  • Having completed an MSc dissertation linked to the use of action learning circles in practice I evaluated their use with D & E grade staff nurses in practice for 5 years on a neurology ward. Facilitation of an evidence-based practice group in Neurology and have used action learning groups as part of clinical supervision for staff nurses on our Neurology ward.
  • Involved with problem – based learning as part of an undergraduate module for Oxford Brookes University.
  • Masters supervisory role commenced 2007.
  • Developing Web CT within post registration programme using digital repository of learning resources.
  • Successfully applied for EU funding as part of a EU funded neuroblend project (2005-2008) developing a European digital repository of learning resources for neuroscience nurses. Digital repository completed January 2008.
  • Successfully wrote a self-directed module on ‘Neurological Observations’ for the well known website The module was available for nursing and medical students throughout the UK from November 2007.
  • I was successfully part of a European research project called NEUroBlend which allocated certain hospitals throughout Europe money to work on elearning and developing a digital repository and database for neuroscience education. I was the lead for this project in the UK with 2 other members of staff from the Radcliffe Infirmary. We were the only hospital in the UK to have been successful in our bid and were allocated 32,000 euros to complete a 3 year project (October 2005- 2008).
  • On completion of the NEUroBlend project we now have 100 neuroscience nurses across Europe using our digital respository to enhance their learning.  A Neuroblend book has been published in 2008 with myself as one of 4 key authors (See publications).  
  • I have been on the editorial board for the British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing since 2005 and I help to peer review research articles and topical papers of interest for this journal to ensure that they are up to standard for publication.
  • Completed a service improvement research project in 2013, in collaboration with Oxford University S3 Surgical Improvment team. The project evaluated the use of intentional rounding on a Neuroscience ward to decrease patient falls.  

Selected Publications

Refereed publications

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Forde-Johnston, C, van Keeken, P, van der Woert, N, Sallapen S (2008) Neuroblend: Competence based blended learning framework for life long vocational learning of neuroscience nurses. Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences: Mikkeli: The Netherlands. 


Publications from RADAR

  • Bulman, C, Forde-Johnston, C, Griffiths, A, Hallworth, S, Kerry, A, Khan, S, Mills, K, Sharp, P (2016) The development of peer reflective supervision amongst nurse educator colleagues: An action research project. Nurse Education Today, 45 pp. 148-155. [summary page]
Carol Forde-Johnston


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