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Carolina Casañas i Comabella

Carolina is a palliative care clinical psychologist who joined the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences in 2012 after having worked for several years at the University of Oxford's Departments of Public Health and Psychiatry.

Prior to moving to Oxford in 2007, Carolina worked as a clinical psychologist in different palliative care settings for over a decade, and was the coordinator of the Catalan Group of Palliative Care Psychologists until then. She graduated from Universitat Ramon Llull in Psycho-Pedagogy (Barcelona, 1996) and from UOC in Clinical Psychology (Barcelona, 2007). She holds and MSc in Clinical Psychopathology (UPF, 1998) and an MSc in Palliative Care (King's College London, 2009). Her palliative care thesis explored the views on dignity held by patients, carers and professionals in palliative care.


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Research Interests

Carolina's research interests include palliative care, end of life care, older people, oncology, ehealth, quality of life, PROMs and person-centred care.

Her other research interests include research methodology, especially systematic reviews, meta-analysis and qualitative methods.


Current Research

Carolina's PhD project explores the characteristics, needs and experiences of carers at a distance in palliative care. Within this topic, she is exploring the role of eHealth (the use of Information and Communication Technologies ICT for health care) on carers .

Her supervisory team are Prof Mary Boulton, Prof Eila Watson and Dr Bee Wee. This project was originally funded by the NHS South Central Strategic Health Authority.



Carolina has been involved in face-to-face and online teaching since 2001. She is currently an MSc lecturer on ehealth and psychology (UOC, Barcelona), and on psychosocial palliative care (Oxford Brookes University, UK). Both masters take place entirely online, and so do her teaching activities.

Research Groups


Selected publications

Gibbons, E., Casañas i Comabella, C., & Fitzpatrick, R. (2013). A structured review of patient-reported outcome measures for patients with skin cancer, 2013. The British Journal of Dermatology, 168, 6, 1176-86.

Hawton, K., Casanas i Comabella, C., Haw, C., & Saunders, K. (2013). Risk factors for suicide in individuals with depression: A systematic review. Journal of Affective Disorders, 147, 17-28.

Casañas i Comabella, C., Gibbons, E. & Fitzpatrick, R. (2010). A Structured Review of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) for Lung Cancer. Report to the Department of Health.

Casañas i Comabella, C., Gibbons, E. & Fitzpatrick, R. (2010). A Structured Review of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Patients Undergoing Cholecystectomy. Report to the Department of Health.

Mackintosh, A, Gibbons, E., Casañas i Comabella, C. & Fitzpatrick, R. (2010). A Structured Review of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Used in Elective Procedures for Coronary Revascularisation. Report to the Department of Health.

Pellicer, I., Casañas, C., Vivas, P., López, O., Rojas, J. (2006). Paseando por el metro: un análisis delos nuevos espacios urbanos en la ciudad de los no-lugares. In: J. A. Corraliza., J. Berenguer y R.Martín. Environment, Human Wellbeing and Ecological Responsibility (pp. 410-414). Madrid: Editorial Resma/Fundación General de la UAM.


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