Independent Prescribing Conversion Course for AHPs

(Application Code XPC – M Level)

Key Details

Academic credit: 10 CATS Credits at M Level

Runs in: Semester 1

Consists of: Students will spend the equivalent of 2 days (4 half days) in the University and 2 days (15 hours) in practice with their Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP). There are also a range of e-learning activities to complete which can be accessed through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE): Moodle.

Deadline for applications: 11 August 2017 (September 2017 entry)

The Independent Prescribing Conversion Course for AHPs provides a programme of preparation for Chiropodists/Podiatrists, Physiotherapists and Therapeutic Radiographers currently annotated on the relevant HCPC register as a Supplementary Prescriber to develop the knowledge and skills to practice as an Independent Prescriber. The course is studied at postgraduate (M Level).

  • Module P44052 Independent Prescribing Conversion Course for AHPs

To be eligible for this course you will need to have completed an HCPC approved Supplementary Prescribing course. Applicants who need to provide evidence of their potential to study at Level 7 (Masters) should contact the Programme Administrator who will be able to advise you on the nature and extent of the evidence that will be required.

Course Content

This course builds on the practitioners existing professional knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience including their experience as a Supplementary Prescriber and provides a theoretical basis on which to develop competence as an Independent Prescriber.

Assessment strategy - 100% coursework.

There are four components to the course assessment:

  • Written summative assignment (3,000 words): ‘Critical analysis of a potential independent prescribing decision from your area of practice’ (Graded).
  • Successful completion of a Numeracy in-class test: 5 multiple choice questions (100%) required to pass the numeracy assessment) (Pass/Fail)*
  • Satisfactory completion of the 15 hours (2 days) and successful achievement of the Prescribing Competencies (Pass/Fail).
  • Submission of a Portfolio of Prescribing Evidence**. The portfolio MUST include a personal formulary from within the individual practitioner’s scope of practice (Pass/Fail).

*Practitioners who have completed a numeracy assessment as part of their supplementary prescribing qualification do not need to take this aspect of the assessment.

Access Criteria

Access to this course is available to chiropodists / podiatrists and physiotherapists who meet thefollowing criteria. You must:

  • Be registered with the HCPC on either the Chiropodist/Podiatrist or Physiotherapist register AND currently annotated on the relevant HCPC register as a Supplementary prescriber
  • Be currently practising as a Supplementary Prescriber for the past 6 months prior to the start of the course of study. Please note: practitioners on a Supplementary Prescribing programme at the time of the legislative change (August 2013), may include the training programme within the 6 months period.
  • Be able to provide a statement of support from a Medical Practitioner that confirms a suitable level of competence to progress to Independent Prescribing.
  • Be able to demonstrate support from the employer / sponsor who will confirm:
    • The practitioner will have appropriate supervised practice in the clinical area in which they are expected to independently prescribe
    • Appropriate medicines governance / clinical governance arrangements are in place to support safe and effective independent and supplementary prescribing.
  • Be professionally practising in an environment where there is an identified need for the individual to regularly use independent prescribing.
  • Have reached agreement with a designated medical practitioner (DMP) to provide 15 hours (2 days) of supervised practice. The DMP must be recognised by the employer / commissioning organisation as having:
    • experience in the relevant field of practice
    • training and experience in the supervision, support and assessment of trainees and agreed to:
      • provide the student with opportunities to develop competence in independent prescribing
      • supervise, support and assess the student during their practice experience
  • Be able to demonstrate how they reflect on their own performance and take responsibility for their own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including development of networks for support, reflection and learning.
  • Have a current satisfactory full enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (within the last 3 years)
  • Be able to study at Level 7 (Masters level)
  • Have the confirmed agreement from the Trust’s Non-Medical Prescribing lead in order to undertake the course.

If you meet these criteria, your next step is to submit an application form with all the required documents. If you are ready to apply then please make an application through the online application service. You will need to register for the portal before proceeding with your application.


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