Dr Debby Allen

Senior Lecturer

Debby has been at Oxford Brookes University since 2000. Prior to that she was a lecturer at Kings College University and Brunel University. Debby completed her PhD in 2003 (Young people and Illicit Drug Use) and has been involved with a number of research projects since then in this field.

For the past five years she has been involved with researching, training and delivering the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14 (UK) across the UK. Funding from the Alcohol Education Research Council, the Home Office, Department for Children, Schools and Families and Diageo UK has supported this work. For further information please see link to the website in the right-hand column.

Membership of Professional Bodies




Adult Nursing

Research students

On the supervision team of two PhD students.

Teaching/Research interests

Drug/alcohol misuse, young people, prevention.

Selected Publications


Ong, P., Garret, B. and Allen, D. (2002). Clinical References for Nurses. Oxford: Clinical publishing Services.

Chapters in books

Coombes, L., Neale, J., Allen, D. and Humphries, D. (2009). “In-depth Interviews”. In: Neale, J., (ed.) Research Methods in Health and Social Care. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

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Allen, D., Coombes, L. and Foxcroft, D. (2006). “The role of parents and community in drug prevention”. In: Midford, R. and Munro, G. (eds.) Drug education in schools: Searching for the silver bullet. Melbourne: IP Communications.

Peer reviewed papers

Allen, D., Coombes, L. and Foxcroft, D. (2006). Cultural accommodation of the Strengthening families programme 10-14: UK Phase I study. Health education Research 13, pp.1-14.

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Debby Allen


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