Dr Yolanda Eraso

Associate Lecturer

Before joining Oxford Brookes as a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow (2007-2010), Yolanda completed her PhD (2006) and MA (2003) in History of Medicine from Oxford Brookes University, both funded by the Wellcome Trust. She has also been involved in a series of collaborative and individual research projects at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba on the history of psychiatry and in social studies of mental health in Argentina.

Since 2010, she has taught as seminar leader, tutor, lecturer and MSc supervisor in the Health and Social Care programmes at Oxford Brookes.

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching

    • (U47982) Professional Issues in Cancer and Palliative Care
    • Member of the Programme Development Team of the interdisciplinary MSc in Cancer Studies and the MSc in Palliative Care: Global Perspectives
    • (P40211) The Experience of Life-Threatening Illness
    • (P40205) Tackling Cancer: UK and International Perspectives
    • Dissertation supervisor: MSc in Public Health, MSc in Cancer Studies, MSc in Palliative Care: Global Perspectives
    • (P40215) Death and Dying: Global Perspectives

    I am also a Lecturer in Public Health for the Health Practice & Policy Program at IES London, an UG programme taught in collaboration with the University of the West Indies (Jamaica) and the University of Oxford.


    As part of my Wellcome Trust funded fellowship, I am currently working on a monograph on female cancer from a transnational perspective, examining the medical exchanges amongst South-America, Europe and the US that lay the foundations for key developments in cancer diagnosis, treatment, and control. I am also involved in a collaborative project on cancer with colleagues from Fiocruz (Brazil), which explores cervical cancer preventive policies in Argentina and Brazil. Initial research for this project is funded by a Visiting Fellowship awarded by a Santander Grant Scheme.

    Research topics and projects:


    Member of the Editorial Board: Clinical Medicine: Case Reports

    Selected publications

    Y. Eraso, Representing Argentinian Mothers. Medicine, Ideas and Culture in the Modern Era, 1900-1946 (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, Clio Medica: Perspectives in Medical Humanities, 2013).

    Y. Eraso (comp.), Mujeres y Asistencia Social en Latinoamérica, siglos XIX y XX. Argentina, Colombia, México, Perú y Uruguay (Córdoba: Alción Editora, 2009). [Women and Welfare in Latinamerica, 19th-20th centuries]

    Y. Eraso and L. Teixeira (eds.) Dossier: Controlling Female Cancer in South-America. Policies, Professional Groups and Health Strategies in the Twentieth and Twentieth-First Century, Dynamis, 34 (1), 2014.

    Y. Eraso, 'Controlling Female Cancer in Argentina. Divergent Initiatives and the Road to Fragmentation', Dynamis, 34 (1), 2014, 73-100.

    Y. Eraso, ‘Managing Uncertainty: Women and Cancer in Contemporary History’, Reviews in History, IHR (April 2012), [review essay, c. 7,000 words]

    Y. Eraso, 'Género, feminidad y cáncer de mama. Perspectivas comparadas en Norte y Sudamérica', in C. Rustoyburu y A. Cepeda (eds.) De las Hormonas Sexuadas al Viagra. Ciencia, Medicina y Sexualidad en Argentina y Brasil (Mar del Plata: Editorial de la Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, 2014), pp. 75-109.

    Y. Eraso, ‘A Burden to the State’. The Reception of the German ‘Active Therapy’ in an Argentinian Colony-asylum’, in Waltraud Ernst and Thomas Mueller (eds.) Transnational Psychiatries. Social and Cultural Histories of Psychiatry in Comparative Perspective, c. 1800-2000 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010), pp. 51-79.

    Y. Eraso, ‘Migrating Techniques, Multiplying Diagnoses: The Contribution of Argentina and Brazil to “early detection” Policy in Cervical Cancer’, História, Ciências, Saúde – Manguinhos, 17 (supl.1), 2010, 33-51.

    Y. Eraso, ‘Biotypology, Endocrinology and Sterilization: The Practice of Eugenics in the Treatment of Argentinian Women during the 1930s’, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 81 (4), 2007, 793-822.

    Y. Eraso, ‘“El trabajo es salud.” Algunas consideraciones sobre el trabajo en los enfermos mentales en Argentina de principios de siglo’, História – Unisinos, Revista do Pós-Graduação em História da Universidade do Vale dos Sinos, Brasil, 5 (6), 2002, 59-88.

    Book reviews for Cuadernos de Historia, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Estudios (CEA), Social History of Medicine, Isis

    Research Dissemination

    Y. Eraso, ‘Female Cancer: A Transnational Perspective’, Wellcome History, August 2010

    Selected Conference papers (since 2008)

    • ‘Transatlantic exchanges. The development of diagnostic techniques for the detection of cervical cancer in Argentina and Brazil’. International seminar: ‘Cancer, Women and Public Health: Different Views’, Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, FIOCRUZ, Brazil, December2010.
    • ‘Gendering Breast Cancer Treatments in International Perspective’, Conference: ‘Politics and practices: the history of post-war women's health’, Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester, 2010.
    • ‘Transnational experiments: women, hormones and cancer in Britain and the Americas’, History of Medicine, Seminar Series, Oxford Brookes University, November 2010.
    • ‘Sex Hormones and Breast Cancer: Therapeutic Practices in Peripheral Places’, BSHS Annual Conference, University of Leicester, July 2009
    • ‘Transferring diagnostic techniques: The trajectories of Colposcopy and Pap test in Argentina and Brazil 1934-1960’. Workshop: ‘How cancer changed: expanding the boundaries of medical interventions’, CERMES & Institut National du Cancer - Paris, April 2009.
    • “Accustoming the eye to see what is observed”. Politics, Specialisms and Tensions in the use of diagnostic methods for the detection of cervical cancer in Argentina’. Workshop: ‘How to deal with cancer? Research, Innovation and Politics’, Maison Françasie d’ Oxford, Oxford University, February 2009.
    • ‘Medical styles, diverging spaces: The Detection and Treatment of Gynaecological cancer in Argentinian Women, 1920-1960’, Conference: ‘Gender, Health and Medicine in Historical Perspective’, University of Exeter, July 2008.

    Conference Organiser:

    • Co-organiser of the Workshop: 'Medicine, Science and Technology in Argentina. Interdiciplinary Perspectives', co-sponsored by Oxford Brookes University & Universidad Maimónides, Buenos Aires, 2011.
    • Panel session ‘Sites, Contexts and Contingencies in Cancer Research and Therapies’ for the Annual Conference of the British Society for the History of Science, University of Leicester 2009.
    • Co-organiser and chair of the symposium: ‘Gender Perspectives’ for the Research Students Annual Symposium, School of Arts and Humanities, Oxford Brookes, 2004.
    • Co-organiser of a session on ‘Women and Everyday Life; Medical Assistance and Hygienist Movement in the XXth century’, VII Jornadas de Historia de las Mujeres y II Congreso Iberoamericano de Estudios de Género, Salta (Argentina) 2003.


    Founder member of the Consumer Research Partnership within the Thames Valley Cancer Network (NHS)

    Yolanda Eraso


    +44 (0)1865 483585