Georgette Eaton BSc(Hons); MSc(c); Paramedic: MCPara

Lecturer Paramedic Science

Georgette is a Lecturer in Paramedic Science as well as a Specialist Paramedic within South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust – the local placement trust for paramedics attending the course. With her interests focusing around prehospital research, paramedic education and challenging practice, she is a peer reviewer for Health Informatics Journal and on the editorial board of the Journal of Paramedic Practice. With a passion for innovation, she is looking to complete more prehospital based research to innovate training, especially concerning immersive simulation and human factors.

Membership of Professional Body:

College of Paramedics

Health and Social Care Professions Council


Clinical Examination

Clinical Skills

Minor Injury/Minor Illness

Research Methods and Analysis


Prehospital Immersive Simulation


Prehospital management of cardiac arrest

Clinical decision making, critical thinking and human factors for paramedics


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Georgette Eaton