Pam Sharp

Senior Lecturer

MSc (Advanced Health Care Practice), PGDip (Professional Education), Registered Nurse

Pam has many years experience in higher education and her main interests are practice education/ mentoring, reflective practice and evidence-based practice. She is interesting in creative and innovative learning, including the use of social media for professional development.

She has published on reflection (in practice and for peer-learning) and recently co-authored accessible books on Evidence Based Practice and on Critical thinking. She has presented papers on these topics at numerous conferences including most recently Nurse Education Today/Nurse Education in Practice (NETNEP2016) in Brisbane Australia. She has taught critical appraisal of research as part of our Flying Faculty in Hong Kong for several years. She supports students undertaking Higher Professional Education courses and acts as a dissertation supervisor

She is an active member of the Practice Education Group working with colleagues from partner organisations. She has contributed to developing and updating policies and guidelines relating specifically to practice education. She is a link lecturer to students in practice placements and acts as an Academic Advisor.

She has completed a PGDip in Professional Education and an MSc in Advance Health Care Practice undertaking her dissertation exploring “Factors influencing mentor development”.


Pam trained in Birmingham as a General Nurse later specialising in Respiratory Medicine. She worked as a research nurse in Asthma genetics, as a lecturer practitioner and as a Service Delivery Manager before moving into full time education in 1998.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Higher Education Academy


Undergraduate: Pre-qualifying adult nursing:

  • 1st year Nursing Fundementals, including evidence based practice
  • 3rd year Making decisions and using evidence and Dissertation support
  • Ad hoc teaching for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs)

Post qualifying multi-professional: Facilitating workplace learning
Post qualifying-
Hong Kong (Flying Faculty): Critical appraisal of research

Postgraduate: Higher Professional Education and MSc Nursing (pre registration)

Teaching/Research interests/Conference presentations

  • Curriculum development
  • Mentorship, practice education,
  • Decision Making, clinical reasoning and evidence based practice
  • Reflection
  • creative innovative approaches to learning
Most recent conference presentation:
Nurse Education Today/Nurse Education in Practice (NETNEP16) Brisbane Australia The development of reflective peer supervision amongst nurse educator colleagues: an action research project in the UK

Selected Publications



British Medical Association (2012) A Beginner's Guide to Critical Thinking and Writing in Health and Social Care by Helen Aveyard, Pam Sharp and Mary Woolliams has been Highly Commended in the Health and social care category at the BMS Medical Book Awards.


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Peer reviewed papers

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Other papers

Sharp P (2004) Mutual Benefit (mentoring). Nursing Standard. 6,4 p30

Sharp P (2003) A phenomenological exploration of factors influencing mentor development: Submitted as dissertation for MSC Advanced Health Care Practice. Oxford. Oxford Brookes University.

Publications from RADAR

  • Bulman, C, Forde-Johnston, C, Griffiths, A, Hallworth, S, Kerry, A, Khan, S, Mills, K, Sharp, P (2016) The development of peer reflective supervision amongst nurse educator colleagues: An action research project. Nurse Education Today, 45 pp. 148-155. [summary page]
  • Aveyard, H, Sharp, P (2009) A beginner's guide to evidence based practice. [summary page]
Pam Sharp


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