Professor Eila Watson

HRH Prince Sultan Professor in Supportive Cancer Care

Eila Watson joined the university in May 2007 taking up the HRH Prince Sultan Chair in Supportive Cancer Care. Previously she was Deputy Director of the Cancer Research UK Primary Care Education Research Group at the University of Oxford (1998-2007).

Eila graduated from Edinburgh University in 1984 with a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences. She completed her PhD studies at the University of London in 1992, and subsequently held posts in the Epidemiology and Health Information Branch of Queensland Health Department (1992-1996) and Oxfordshire Health Authority (1997).

Eila is currently Chair of the Survivorship Sub-Group of the NCRI Primary Care Clinical Studies Group, and a member of the Psycho-oncology Clinical Studies Group.

She is a member of the South Coast Research for Patient Benefit Committee and the Tenovus Psychosocial Advisory Committee.

Research interests

Research interests include cancer survivorship, the impact of cancer on the family, the role of primary care in the delivery of cancer care and professional and patient education.

Current research

  • Quality of life and follow-up care for men with prostate cancer: a questionnaire survey and pilot randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led psycho-educational intervention delivered in primary care (PROSPECTIV)
  • Adherence to endocrine therapy: the experiences and beliefs of women.
  • Mammo-50 (PI: Janet Dunn, University of Warwick) this trial aims to explore the optimal frequency of mammographic surveillance in women with breast cancer over 50. The trial includes qualitative and quality of life sub-studies.

Research Grants

  • MAMMO-50 - Mammographic surveillance in breast cancer patients aged 50 years or older. HTA (2013-2018) Co-applicant
  • Cancer survivorship – costs, inequalities and post-treatment follow-up. Building capacity to meet the challenges to the health service and society. Health Services Board, Ireland, 2012-2014. (Collaborator)
  • Quality of life and follow-up care for men with prostate cancer: a questionnaire survey and pilot randomised controlled trial of a nurse-led psycho-educational intervention delivered in primary care (PROSPECTIV). Prostate Cancer UK 2012-2015
  • The late effects of pelvic radiotherapy: assessing the needs of long term survivors. 2010-2012
  • The health and supportive care needs of long term cancer survivors and their partners. Collaborative study with University of Oxford. Jointly funded by Cancer Research UK, Oxford Brookes University. 2007-10
  • The role of primary care teams in early follow-up of patients diagnosed with cancer - perspectives of patients, family members and primary health care professionals. Macmillan Cancer Support , 2008-10
  • A psychosocial evaluation of familial ovarian cancer screening. BUPA Foundation (2006-2010). Collaborative study led by University of Cardiff.

Recent peer-reviewed publications

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  • Adams E, Boulton MG, Horne A, Rose PW, Durrant L, Collingwood M, Oskrochi R, Davidson S, Watson E.  The Effects of Pelvic Radiotherapy on Cancer Survivors: Symptom Profile, Psychological Morbidity and Quality of Life. Clin Oncol (2013) doi 10.1016/j.clon.2013.08.003 Epub 2013 Aug 29
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Eila Watson


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