Professor Terence Ryan

Visiting Professor

Terence Ryan, an Emeritus Fellow of Green /Templeton College Oxford, is a Dermatologist whose activities have a broad remit of global skin care. Since retirement from a full time consultant post in the NHS in 1997 and the title of Professor from both Oxford Universities he has been a member of all governing bodies of his profession (President International Society of Dermatology, Member of the International Committee of Dermatology, Chairman of The International Foundation of Dermatology). Currently he is Chairman of two International Organisations promoting Community Dermatology, a member of the WHO working Group on Wound Healing and Lymphoedema. He travels widely as an advisor to LEPRA and the St Francis Leprosy Guild. As an expert in the management of Lymphoedema he is an Adviser to the Global Alliance for the Elimination of Lymphatic Filaraiasis and On Integrating Indian Systems of Medicine with Biomedicine in Kerala.

He is currently negotiating an Humanitarian "Gift" of a technology to make washing and emollients and dressings globally available. He has received Life time Achievement Awards from several International Organisations. He holds recent titles of professor at Nanjing and Limerick Universities and a doctorate at Martin Luther University Wittenberg /Halle.
When in Oxford he is an Archivist of the history of Medicine at the home of Sir William Osler, 13 Norham Garden.

Terence Ryan